Model leaves VS to follow Faith

♦ sad to see so many people bashing a former Victoria Secrets model for leaving the modeling business for her faith. more anti-religion remarks from total idiots. its not even about HER, their dislike of her decision REALLY comes from their own feelings of guilt and coming up short in life… or to put it another way, they just don’t want those feelings of “I’m not as good as Christians/believers because of my decision not to follow the faith”. in reality no one is making them feel that way but THEMSELVES!

♦ the girl is following her faith, trying to turn her life around, and has come out and admitted her feelings TO THE PUBLIC, which is something MOST people wouldn’t do. all these things are personal decisions that don’t effect anyone else, so who are the anti-christians putting the whole “holier than thou” crap in her decision(as I saw in many of their comments”? obviously, its just them.

♦ they went on to say that “she should have thought about her faith BEFORE entering in modeling” WHAT?! its like these people act like THEY are “holier than thou”. as if they haven’t made a single mistake in their whole lives! as stupid as their comments were i’m sure they’ve made PLENTY of mistakes that they should’ve thought about before thinking! its called LIFE! you live and learn.

♦ i could make the same assumption about former drug addicts/alcoholics, prostitutes, or any one else alive! should we also question their willingness to change just because they made a bad decision in their lives? NO! we should be happy for them and encourage them. but nooo its always the mindless questioning and attacking when it pertains to religion. if she wanted to change for other reasons there wouldn’t be so much backlash. stop making religion a hostile thing when it is something personal that doesn’t affect you. geez…

♦ it is PERFECTLY FINE to change your decision AFTER you’d done wrong in religion because God is loving & forgiving. not hateful and disgusting like these people. they are so filled with hate and anger for God’s children that they don’t see it or even care.

♦ this really shows why America is going down the tubes. so many mean, hateful, angry people that want approval from everyone without having to do any work for it and while they are purposely ignoring the word of God. if you feel bad, don’t blame the true believers, blame yourselves for being mindless sheep and CHANGE! religion is not your enemy. your only enemy is yourselves…


savage you

a little while ago i discovered a show called savage you. for those who don’t know its about a sex columnist who goes to different colleges answering students’ questions about sex. i saw a preview of it and they didn’t really explain what it was about but it showed students laughing so i thought “oh! is some new funny show!” and thought i’d watch it.

big mistake. show was not for me. no, not for conservative me at all!

the guy was telling people’s children what to do and what not to do during sex. it may be funny to them but i know i wouldn’t approve of this random guy teaching my kids things that are against religious teachings. what if my child gets pregnant because they listened to him? cause we all know its the girl that gets stuck with the responsibility… he won’t give a crap. if i had a child(which i’d hate to do in this secular nation) i would want to be confident that when i send them off into the world they will make the right choices. who wants to send their kids to college to find out their having random unsafe sexual encounters and having a misguided soul telling them that that is good??? its sickening. i want to puke.

one of the students asked him if it was ok with God to have sex. he replied, “its ok with me… i don’t know if its ok with him(pointing up)” and the students laughed. like it was a joke. sad.

he tells them that random sexual encounters are ok which is the last thing they need to be told. the thing is that kids today usually don’t think for themselves. they follow the crowd. sadly this usually doesn’t change with time. i just hope we can find more kids willing to do the right thing and not give into this peer pressure garbage.


Gackt on sex & compatibility

Here is the link to the entire page:

Gackt, a rock singer I LOVE came out with a book which he shares his ideas and beliefs in. He has a section in it about sex and compatibility which unfortunately disappointed me.

the first thing that worries me is when he says,

“I don’t have the inclination to have sex with a girl who makes me wait more than 3 days for it.”

WTH?! that’s crazy! then he says,

“Often girls will say ‘I’m someone who takes a long time with that (having sex)..’ as if it’s so great or noble or something to be proud of.”

OMG! what?! Waiting for sex has nothing to do with superiority or pride! Although it IS something GREAT, for some the reasoning may be religion or tradition, but Its really just about getting to know the person first. Why? Because many girls have had their hearts broken giving themselves away to guys who don’t really care about them. That’s how they end up alone. If you don’t believe it, just ask the MANY girls that have been with this guy and see how many of them got a ring on their finger. I bet NONE.

Guys typically don’t see loose girls as keepers, which is why one of the top dating advice given to women who are looking to get married is to NOT have sex too soon. Once the guys get the sex they usually leave.

He claims that women who won’t have sex with him within 3 days just don’t “trust him” and that he only wants to know if he is “compatible” with them or not, but that’s just bull! In this day and age its ignorant to trust someone the first day you met them. He wants women to blindly trust him without him having to earn their trust first. I guess most of his women must have been naive 12yr olds who don’t know the ways of the world. And whats the use in finding out if you’re compatible with them, if the relationship isn’t going to last???

Then he says,

“Taking time to ascertain physical compatibility… I don’t have that kind of time.”

If you don’t have time to get to know the person before having sex, its obvious that you won’t have time after. Sadly, his past victims were probably left lonely, confused, and disappointed. I probably can’t even count how many normal good women he has turned into depressed manhaters with his flawed thinking. I wish a guy would use that “I just want to see if we’re compatible” crap with me. I know the type and I avoid them. They aren’t getting any from me! Gotta be drunk senile and retarded to get over on me like that!

And he says,

“Guys who say they can’t have sex that quickly are easy to come by.”

REALLY?! well, where are they Gackt? I’d LOVE to meet those guys! He must not have dated that many men before(LOL). I only dated a few and know that’s a damn lie! Its so bad that the whole time I’m with a guy I just assume all they really want is sex. When they talk, I look at them in their eyes and think “all he’s thinking is SEX SEX SEX.” Thinking otherwise has just left me in denial and set me up for disappointment. They would GLADLY whip it out on the first day if you let them. Make no mistake about it! Its funny how men don’t seem to know their gender very well.

I think it is obvious that his “have sex then get to know them later” logic has not worked well for him. He should try something that lasts… ohhh I dunno like “get to know them first!” It is more logical that to be fully intimate with someone it would be beneficial if they first established an emotional and personal connection.

I would be surprised if he doesn’t have herpes. I’m not surprised that it was exposed that he had a kid that no one knew about for so long because he doesn’t acknowledge him. When you sleep around so much your seed is bound to spill out…


Obama is not for Israel

{video here}

This video is so depressing. This is the reason why people believe he is a Muslim. Christians don’t make allies with terrorists and shut out Jews!

Obama has done it again; lied about trying to help Israel then turning his back on them encouraging Arabs to kill them. Sad. It was when Obama said the 1967 lines should be brought back to Israel which would lead the Israelis to be slaughtered that I realized he was cynical. First he claimed to want their security, next he wanted to tear down their defenses to allow them to be ambushed!

I’m now afraid of Obama. He is friends with terrorists. I mean who would want to attack Israel? Arabs have so much land what use would they have for Israel? and there is no benefit to them killing anyone. Why do people continue to support this man? It amazes me.

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The Mystery?

I just HAD to blog about this because its soooo ridiculous.

So my step dad says to me:

What do women like in guys??? THE MYSTERY.

Well this isn’t the dumbest thing he’s said but its up there.
I’m just thinking to myself: “this is wrong… this is SO wrong.” I hope other men don’t believe that crap. This would mean that men don’t understand women’s feelings AT ALL, but they think they do so they act according to their beliefs.

For instance, I feel that because he truly believes that women are attracted to what they don’t know about a guy, he pretends to be mysterious and purposely hides things from the women he is with(ie.the latest:my mom). That is sooo LAME!

Well… he DID get her which probably gave him confirmation that he was right, but that crap he thinks about women is NOT why he got her. I believe she chose him because she wanted stability and she stayed with him even after she found him to be shady because she didn’t want to loose her stability AND because of her religious beliefs. So he has got it ALL wrong. He shouldn’t get his advice on what women feel or think from anywhere but WOMEN themselves.

When a man turns to MYSTERY to attract a girl, my first thought is usually “He’s hiding something. RUN RUN FAST!” Otherwise, why couldn’t he get the girl WITHOUT the mystery? In this case, the mystery is usually “I’m hiding something because I know that if you knew the real me you’d find that I’m your typical douche who you’d never be interested in.”

A lot of that “what women want” crap invented by men is ALL wrong. Notice a lot of them either don’t get women or turn the women they get into man hating maniacs THEN have the nerve to blame women for the way they act. When has LOVE, HONESTY, FAITHFULNESS, and UNDERSTANDING become underrated??? THESE are the things that keep relationships going strong, NOT MYSTERY! I wish more people would understand that so they wouldn’t have to make up these ridiculous tales.



Once again, liberals have turned what they consider to be a non-issue concerning conservatives into a HUGE issue that effects EVERYONE! Their president’s ‘bright‘ idea to ‘help‘ women by making birth control “FREE” by laying all the costs on employers has brought on a whole crap load of issues.

Its not just as simple as ‘keep the government out of my womb!’ It has now become ‘keep your spread legs out of our pockets!’ But if you don’t like it, you still have to ‘put up with it.’ And by ‘putting up with it,’ you are PAYING for it!

Since liberals want to force conservatives to pay for their sexual behaviors that CONSERVATIVES HAVE LONG WARNED AGAINST, can we now say, “liberalism has no place in politics” and “liberalism should stay out of conservatives’ businesses?” They ARE literally IN conservatives’ business by making such a ridiculous law. If you want liberalism, go ahead, but not on the conservative’s tab!

These people say: “Religion doesn’t belong in politics.” or “Religion should stay out of liberals’ lives” but the fact is liberals are ALWAYS allowed to push their views AND LAWS on everyone else ie. Obamacare! As long as the subject of killing babies is in politics, the need for a moral backbone will remain.

Now liberals want to destroy that moral backbone because they believe it(as in religion) “doesn’t matter”. Why force the religious, including the clergy, to allow something that they have a moral obligation BY GOD to condemn? Obama may have made ‘some’ exceptions to the religious but not enough to where they are all exempt from the law. Many liberals will say that religion doesn’t matter, but if they pay for abortions/contraceptives, they’d be called hypocrites. How ridiculous is that? There is a good reason they are against what they are against and don’t follow the ways of the worldly. Why should the few people left on earth that fight for a divine purpose in life other than ‘sex drugs & rock’n’roll’ be subjected to the laws of careless beings who’s sense of right and wrong sway with the wind? This is my MAIN reason for supporting the conservatives. So many people today just don’t care about anything anymore. Those kinds of people are just taking up space and are NO help to America what-so-ever. All these conservatives want is to be able to have their way within their business! They aren’t forcing it on everyone! and if you say that their choice to avoid paying for someone else’s healthcare THEIR money is forcing their beliefs on others then you are about as dumb as rocks. So if an atheist were to avoid buying you a Christmas present WITH THEIR MONEY because they don’t believe in Christmas, would they be forcing their non beliefs on you??? I’ll give you a minute with that…

Obama’s policies sound too good to be true because they ARE too good to be true. Everytime he makes something free or affordable, there is a catch. NOTHING in life is free! You have to give to get. Its what we have to GIVE UP is what I’m most worried about and it turns out that worry was not for nothing. That money is coming from somewhere and some of it from the conservatives’ pockets.

Many businesses are either pulling out of their business, changing their investment habits, cutting staff, or changing their staff’s positions in order to avoid the negative effects of another one of Obama’s harmful policies. EVEN healthcare businesses have had to make sacrifices because of OBAMACARE which was meant to make healthcare MORE accessible. Isn’t it ironic that this law meant to improve accessibility to healthcare has caused healthcare employers to drop employees in higher positions such as nursing management, in order to lessen the financial loss of the business? If you see businesses making MAJOR decisions for their businesses regarding finances RIGHT before/after Obama enters his second term, which has happened just recently, then you KNOW there is something about his policies that businesses WANT TO AVOID. I wouldn’t be surprised if more businesses started employing oversees workers. It’s MUCH cheaper!

Obama don’t care
People who voted for Obama and don’t want to admit the obvious fact that HE is the cause of the negative effects on businesses will say businesses like Papa Johns can afford the EXTRA payments of healthcare to their employees, but they miss one simple point: People go into business to MAKE money not loose it! And don’t you also start a business so you can be your own boss and do what you want? Well now its just like having ANOTHER boss all over again when Obama is in office making laws that hinder your freedom.

Mitt said he’d make it more profitable for businesses to do business in America. Over and over he tried to educate the public on the importance of getting rid of Obamacare and fixing the economy, but did anyone want to listen? I hope those people suffering from job loss or downgrade due to Obama’s policies are the ones that voted him in office. They deserve it.

This is what happens when liberalism rots the brain so that the person can’t see whats right in front of them. All the conservatives are just shaking their heads saying, “I knew it…”

Obamacare should be renamed OBAMADON’TCARE! He ignored his opponents: hard working Americans that WANT their jobs, Americans that don’t want someone unknowledgeable and careless to make major decisions that would have negative effects on the economy, and the religious who don’t want anyone interfering with their ‘freedom to practice religion’ within their business. Obama voters will see how much pleasing businesses in America means only after they see the detrimental effects of having a president that doesn’t care about the economy in office…I should hope. I could be wrong.


ai ai ai so addicting

A song I was addicted to since I first heard it in June.

loved the Taiwanese drama “office girls” and now I know where that song the actor playing the manager of the sales department got it from. just browsing youtube and happened to come across yao yao’s music video. I had no idea she was also a singer. when I saw it, I knew it was her. soooo cute. Its a bit funny but Its ok cause she is so cute XD


American films gone downhill

I just got done watching The American and I really thought it was going to be an excellent filmed packed with action from beginning to end. Boy was I wrong! Some pervert felt the need to fulfill the fantasy of putting George Clooney in a porn film. I guess this was the best they could do. I can’t even believe I sat through that mess. It was painful! There was a lot more porn that entertainment. It was very little action at all, which was a HUGE disappointment for me because I was anticipating the action through the whole thing. I was like okay…now we got through the sex scene… so whens the action coming. So I wait… and I wait… Then ANOTHER sex scene… Then I’m like okay this is getting ridiculous, there’s gotta be more to this movie than that. Then finally there is an action scene, but it doesn’t last! Then I realize the movie is almost over, and the filmmakers FINALLY decide to show viewers the actual plot. There was some shooting then..a short “love scene” then.. THE END. I was like, “THAT’S IT?!”
My mom was surprised to see that I had to step out of the room after the second “love scene” came on, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. If I was alone I’d just fast-forward that junk but I wasn’t so I just left out the room and didn’t come back in until the moaning noises were gone.

Their sad attempt to throw in a prostitute and make a movie that was obviously about cheap sex appear to be about love was pathetic, but not only that. This attempt has been exhausted in the majority of American “action” films. This is just another movie to mind screw you into believing that women are only good for sex. Having the women shed her clothes every 5 seconds was pointless and a good waste of film. Most if not all of the women in these movies serve no real purpose since the main characters are often men. Honestly, if you block out every scene these women appeared in you would see how useless their parts were. They had no real meaning so if you cut out their scenes you’d still understand what the movie was about without them. These women were just tools. They only use them for the sex scenes.

Most American filmmakers haven’t the slightest clue what REAL love is. Their sad misrepresentation of love is upsetting. Their perversion offends me and my eyes would like an apology for having to witness it. If I want to see a decent love story I’ll just stick to the usual lifetime stories and Korean dramas. At least their views of love aren’t clouded with lust…well not that much at least.


on another freaky film

Dear Filmmakers,

I was once again appalled and disturbed after trying to watch what I thought was a decent film.
As soon as the movie started, there was a woman lying in the bed while this guy was on top of her, drilling her. I tried to fast forward it so that it wouldn’t completely ruin my anticipation to see the conclusion of the movie….but that only made matters WORSE making the couple do it FASTER! I couldn’t even look away because I had to make sure I didn’t fast-forward too much and miss important parts of the movie. I was visually molested and upset after the shock, so I had to finish watching the movie another day. Turns out I didn’t get to watch the movie at all cause it was only rented for a day.

I like watching movies. I really do! so it upsets me that I can’t watch a freakin’ movie without being mentally raped. Doesn’t matter if its scifi, horror, action, comedy…whatever! You guys still find a way to throw in some sick, pointless softcore porn to ruin the movie. I’d rather not know whats going on in your sick perverted minds….(bondage, exploiting women like they’re objects) I don’t care! whatever it is, just keep it to yourself. There is no reason why the public should have to know about your sick perverted fantasies that shouldn’t leave your minds and/or bedroom. I want to know what the movie is about, not what freaks are about.

Hell, If I wanted some porn I would’ve just chosen to watch porn,
but I didn’t look for porn DID I? NO!
Did I go to the porn section to rent a movie? NO!
Did I ask for a slutty surprise? NO!

And people wonder why teen pregnancy is such a problem… We’ll lets see. I think its cause you sick people put sex in EVERYTHING making it seem like a family affair!!! If you want to be perverts, keep it to yourselves. Stop ruining our youth!!! God I’m glad I don’t have kids. If I did, I don’t know what I’d do! Virtually ALL movies except ones for small children have sex scenes in them! What can kids watch?! 0.0

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Go get some morals and while your at it, go get some therapy as well so you can rid your minds of perversions.

Annoying Online Job Apps

old blog post from ;P

I am sooo tired of filling out online applications for jobs, but for many jobs now I have to.

It is better for them to see you in person so that you arent just another application mixed in the bunch but when I go to some places they always say. “go online.”

Well… this is what happens when you “go online.” They make you do these silly questionnaires filled with redundant questions.

Now I know they want to see if you’re being honest or not but this is truly ridiculous! There is NO WAY to find out whether you’ll be hiring a good employee or not by knowing their answers to these questions. I will explain…


They ask:

“Non-traditional approaches to problems tend to be successful.”

depends on what problem your talking about…

trying to combat teen pregnancy with the threat of forced sterilization OR trying to finish your work more effectively by trying something new?

They ask:

“If something already works, there is no reason to spend time trying to improve on it.”

well if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

BUT are we talking about the timeline change on facebook that everyone hates! OR the changes made to apple computers over the years that everyone loves!

sometimes change can be good and sometimes it can be bad.

They ask:

“I adapt quickly to changing work situations.”

AND they also ask:

“I adapt quickly to new work environments.”

Again they ask:

“I am able to adapt quickly to a variety of work situations.”

all redundant! ask once or twice OK but why ask over 4 times?!!!
if they’re testing my honesty then my responses will make me look like a liar! after a while you will simply start answering them differently just to get the annoying test over with! or maybe that’s just me 😉

They ask:

“In critical situations, I usually stay pretty calm and collected.”

this could be good or bad. depends.

this could mean you are careless OR you could just be a good problem solver and not a worry wort

OR you don’t waste time on freaking out because freaking out doesn’t help the situation at all.

They ask:

“Working at a slow and steady pace generally results in better results than working at a fast pace.”

are you talking about construction OR book writing? it depends!

They ask:

“Most people are hard workers” AND “Most people can be trusted.”

how the hell should I know??? do I count??

They ask:

“It is more important to point out faults than to praise the good in people.”

is this constructive criticism or just poking fun?? be more specific!

They ask:

“Being in a bad mood has no effect on my work.” AND “I feel discouraged when my efforts go unnoticed.”

obviously they wanna see if you’re a baby and need praise for everything but they ask you a million times. the repetition will bore anyone even if your someone who pays attention really well.

They ask:

“I strive to find the most practical solution to a work problem.”

what other option is there? and how many times must I answer this???

there are many other errors in their questions but these I hate the most.. along with the “coworkers say I’m…” questions.

what if your coworkers work with you for years and STILL don’t know you or don’t care? lol

why ask questions that have no right/wrong answer like these? its pointless and tells the employers NOTHING unless you’re dumb enough to tell them if you are ‘easily angered’ or ‘hate people’.

how do they think we feel after answering so many of the same questions especially if you’re like me and many others who’ve filled out MANY MANY online applications. they all have the same questions! do you want your employees to go crazy? why discourage them from looking for work with these silly questionnaires?

even after they ask all the questions in the “right” way you will still look for reasons not to hire them!

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